Holiday gift ideas for your gun lovin’ gal

Holiday Gift Ideas for your Gun Lovin' Gal

It’s that time of year again, and we’ve got ideas for you to find just the right gift for your favorite gun lovin’ gal.

Concealed Carry Holsters – especially for Women

She’ll love the fact you’re supporting woman-owned businesses, with products that are designed by women, FOR women, and Made in the USA.

Can Can Hip Hugger Holster
Can Can Hip Hugger holster

The Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger holster (various, $76-85) is one of the most convenient, comfortable, secure and easily concealable ways for women to carry on-body. It works equally well under jeans as it does with skirts, and even with sweat pants or yoga pants. Made in the USA of a durable and comfortable ballistic nylon it’s available in a variety of colors and styles to fit micro to full-size handguns, as well as several sizes to fit all body types. Multiple holster and magazine pockets allow for flexiblity of handgun placement. It’s beautiful, high-quality and functional.

Can Can Concealment Thigh Holster
Can Can Concealment Thigh Holster

The Can Can Concealment Thigh Holster (various, $66-75) and optional Garter Belt ($32) offers women the option to carry easily while wearing dresses and skirts.  It too is made in the USA of quality ballistic nylon and available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes to fit micro to full-size handguns. I strongly recommend also purchasing the optional Garter Belt for additional security, as heavier guns in particular can have a tendency to pull down the holster over time. Unlike a lot of other holster options available, this is beautiful as well as functional and would make a great gift.

Concealed Carry Handbags

Honestly, I’ve not seen a lot of beautiful options out there when it comes to concealed carry purses or handbags, with the exception of these:

Been and Badge Olivia Concealed Carry Handbag
Been and Badge Olivia Concealed Carry Handbag

The Been and Badge Olivia Cross-Body Tote ($269-294) is designed by women and made in the USA. It is available in two colors of a beautiful quality leather, and also features an ingenious holster system that both secures the handgun in the much safer muzzle-down position but also effectively conceals the handgun while the purse is opened. The strap is detachable so it can be used as either a cross-body bag or as a tote with just the sturdy handle. If there was one concealed carry purse you wanted to buy, this one is it!

At the Range

Here are some fun options for pistol cases that add style in a sea of black and olive drab.

Leopard print pistol case
Leopard print pistol case

This fun Leopard Print Pistol case ($18-20) by Ace Case is made in the USA and comes in a variety of patterns and sizes, including a pink camo, orange camo and zebra print, although my personal preference is for the classic and goes-with-everything leopard.

Range bag insert in red
Range bag insert in red

These compact and easy-to-use Range Bag Inserts by VISM and NcStar ($10-15) serve dual purposes as both a pistol case and open up fully as a gun-rug when you get to the range. These are available in a variety of colors, including red, navy, black and even pink camo.

Be Prepared

I always think its sweet when someone is thinking about my safety and security in their gift choices. To that end, these two products make great stocking stuffers and tell the recipient, “I’m thinking about you.”

Olight Keychain Flashlight
Olight Keychain flashlight

I cannot begin to tell you how handy it has been to have a powerful keychain flashlight on my keys as part of my everyday carry. Not only for the obvious safety reasons, but practical reasons too (for everything from being able to see the check when we have dinner at the local movie theater, to the lock on the door when I get home now that daylight savings has kicked in). This Olight Keychain flashlight ($10) is a tiny bit bigger than some tiny lights, but has the added benefit of being powered by an easily replaced AAA battery.


Ozbourn Tactical Pen
Ozbourn Tactical Pen

This Ozbourn Tactical Pen ($18) not only has the ability to write well and serve as a weapon, it also has a glass window break on the end, which is something that every person you care about should have with them at all times. I also like the fact that it uses the standard Parker ball point pen refill for ink, so you’ll not have to replace the whole pen when the ink runs out.


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