What women can teach men about concealed carry

WWII Women with Gun

There are many challenges for women who concealed carry, not the least of which is trying to find a holster solution (or SOLUTIONS more accurately) that will work with her clothing choices, her comfort and her lifestyle. ¬†This is a topic of perennial discussion on women’s concealed carry forums and women’s shooter groups.

I myself have a closet full (literally) of failed and not-quite-there holster choices – everything ranging from IWB (In-Waistband) Kydex holsters, to belly bands, to thigh holsters and everything in between. I even ended up having to buy a new gun (darn!) because my beloved Sig Sauer P320 9mm printed on me no matter what holster I used.

Challenges aside, though, there are some things that women can teach men about concealed carry, as aptly discussed in this article by NRA Family: Concealed Carry: Three Things Women Can Teach Men. Women’s sense of fashion can actually benefit our fashion-challenged better¬†halves.

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